About Us

Visas, Travel Consultancy and Recruitment


78tyconsult is based in the UK with head office in Kent. We are a leading company with experience in the travel, visa, and recruitment sectors. Our service includes all types of visas, travel, and recruitment. DrLA Consultancy has developed a trustworthy relationship with all its clients by providing the best customer service.

Travel, Visa Consultancy & Recruitment


For most people, applying for a Visa (Visit, Conference, Work, Business, Student, Spouse, Work Permit, Citizenship etc.) is a daunting task. Red tape, bureaucracy and changing legislation have made Visa applications overly complicated.

At 78tyconsult, we believe everyone who wants to get a visa should be able to apply so we’ve built our business around expert visa, permanent residency, citizenship, and nationality advice.

Here you will find a team that understands the value of time, money and caters to your travel, visa and recruitment requirements with absolute professionalism and swiftness.